Create a company in Switzerland

Setting a company in Switzerland

The Swiss law permits to set a company in Switzerland by foreigners even if they don’t live in Switzerland.
A local business partner is needed
There are 3 legal forms:

1- Individuel which means the person is offering his services on his own name. The person should have an address in Switzelrand

2- Sàrl Société à responsabilité limité is limited responsibilities, one person with an address can create it or a number of persons at lest one of them has and address in Switzerland. The needed capital is 20’000 Frs.

3- SA société anonyme, Any person either in Switzerland or abroad can create it but the Administrator should have an address in Switzerland. The capital needed is 100’000 Frs but it’s possible to create the SA company with 50’000 Frs and the other 50’000 Frs is liberated.

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