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11 Things in Our Bedrooms That Are Just as Bad for Sleep as a Cup of Coffee

Sleep is one of the most important processes that allows us to “reboot” and have enough power to do something new. This is why the quality of our sleep has a huge significance. A lot of factors affect sleep, from the pillow we sleep on to the smells we sense when we’re snoozing.

We at Bright Side decided to learn more about this phenomenon to know which mistakes we might make when designing our bedrooms and how to avoid them to sleep better.

Old pillows

Pillows should be replaced once every 1.5 years. Memory effect pillows live longer, up to 3 years. But if you are using a 5-6-year-old pillow, chances are your body doesn’t get enough support and your sleep isn’t as comfortable. 

To check if you need to replace a pillow, remove the pillowcase and look at the pillow attentively. Are there any sweat stains? Is it torn? Does it have a bad smell? Pillows collect dead skin cells, mold, ticks, and fungi. Over time, up to 1/2 of the pillow’s weight might consist of such unwanted components. And they can cause allergies that will impair your sleep.

Smell sources

There are smells that have a relaxing effect on the nervous system and help us fall asleep. This is why many bedrooms have different smells and fragrances in them. But if there are too many smells, the effect might be the opposite. Don’t use too many fragrances and change them when you are tired of them.

Source: Bright side