RC insurance

RC Insurance

RC ménage , Household insurance.

Civil Responsibility, Liability Insurance known as RC (highly recommended)

RC is Personal liability insurance and Household content insurance

The RC insurance is either Personal liability insurance or household contents insurance. People are usually often confused because they generally come as a package.

Unlike personal liability insurance, household contents insurance does not cover you for injury, damage or loss you cause to a third party. It covers damage to the items you have in your home, specifically personal belongings such as your furniture, TV, clothes and sports equipment.

You can take out personal liability and household contents insurance separately from two different insurers.
This insurance covers the dammages you do involuntary in the apartment.
The personal liability module covers claims for personal injury

The household content insurance covers property damage that are filed privately against you or members of your family.

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A list of some Insurance companies:

1- Allianz

2- Baloise

3- Elvia

4- Generali

5- La Mobiliere

6- Vaudoise

7- Zurich