Work in Switzerland

Working in Switzerland?

Life cost is very expensive in Switzerland so why to move to Switzerland?

Switzerland is a highly industrialized technology location with leading research facilities and access to highly qualified specialists.

Leading clusters in the life sciences and engineering sectors promote the use of new, disruptive technologies and allow the rapid introduction of new applications in an open market in the heart of Europe. 

Artificial intelligence
As a neutral country, Switzerland can draw on strong ethical values and a long tradition of serving other nations well. We focus on the best that AI has to offer, without neglecting business. Cognitive intelligence meets Swiss ethics in key industries such as healthcare, financial services and mobility.

Switzerland is considered the “Silicon Valley of Robotics” for a good reason: we develop robots of the highest quality and precision — swissmade. Our liberal regulation also allows drones to be tested without complications, making us pioneers of a digitalized aviation system.

Personalized health
Thanks to our traditional strength in life sciences, we are well prepared for the new era in which data and healthcare will interact. Health will become personalized and digitized.

Decentralization is not only the core component of blockchain, it is also part of our political system’s DNA.
This and the openness of our authorities make us the logical choice for the further development of blockchain and DLT in a tokenized economy.

Advanced manufacturing
We are world champions in efficiency. Our country is like a smart mini-factory in the heart of Europe, with a globally networked supply chain. The ideal technology location for high-quality production facilities to reach millions of customers.

Innovation happens when different industries, technologies and people come together to create something new. Let’s make it happen in Switzerland! 

Source: Switzerland Global Enterprise